The MMRP is considered as the model system formed to obtain utmost discipline and academic preparedness; hence, the midshipmen and midshipwomen are being housed at PNTC Colleges for a period of one (1) month during their 3rd year level.  The MMRP instills the importance of the officer’s chain of command, courtesy, protocol, etiquette and loyalty to the company through proper training and communication; it internalizes discipline as the foundation of leadership; it generates individual output on cadetship experience focusing on moral values, confidence and skills enhancement towards greater employability.

The MMRP includes: Leadership Training; Teambuilding, Character and Personality Development; Physical Fitness; Seafarer’s Life Familiarization; Academic Enhancement and Review; and Bridge and Engine Room Simulator training courses.

The first hand experiences of the students as a real cadet for one month through the MMRP equips them with determination, adequate preparedness, and enthusiasm towards fulfilling their goals of becoming competitive on-board cadets and future world-class marine officers.  This strong foundation-building for the students is part of PNTC Colleges’ strong social responsibility and legacy in helping and guiding our youth on their journey to success.